Wings unfolding

"The soul doesn't seem to make the distinction between the light and the dark. It chooses both. It doesn't care whether you do something successfully or fail at it; it just wants to know, did you do it in your way? Was it you who failed, or were you trying to be someone else when you failed? If it was you, the soul is happy, because it was your experience, your failure, and no one can take it away from you. Question is not: Did you fail or did you win? The question becomes: Did you go your own way?" (David Whyte)


This last year I've been growing wings. For a very long time, they were just an itchy feeling underneath my skin. A feeling of discomfort and a hunch that there was more of me to be revealed. Growing wings... just waiting for the skin to burst. And so it did.


My skin yielded during the first weekend of October 2017. Since then authenticity has been one of my most important values. To be true to myself and in interaction with others.


Since then my wings have unfolded, a little bit at a time. I have always been brave and most of my life walked my own way. But I haven't been walking with myself, I have been walking with an idea of myself. Formed by norms and structures and a continuous search for identity and affirmation. But for my wings to burst through my skin I had to do some seeking within myself. I had to confront my fears and stretch my comfort zone. And this my dear, I have continued with.  


I will fail. And I will win. It will be light. It will be dark. But my soul will be happy. Because I am going my own way.


This blog is an invitation to join me on my explorations.

But mainly it is My Playground, My Queendom, and My Bird's Nest.

I don't write for you. I write for myself