• Sanna Rådelius

Dating myself

When you become a parent you all of the sudden start putting someone else’s life first. First the kid’s needs and then it easily extends to the family’s needs, before your own needs. And with time you easily forget about your own needs. Do you even have any other needs than to be with your family? Make sure they feel good? Eat healthy food? And that they have a good life? I believe this is a trap extra easy for mothers to fall into, for different reasons.

Anyhow. During the last year, exploring feminine leadership, I’ve been challenged to remember my own needs. My own desires. Leading my life from myself and my own pleasure instead of pressure and other people’s needs and expectations.

So tonight, after a long day of work, I decided to date myself. First I treated myself with a nice dinner and some people watching. And then, I apparently wanted a glass of wine at a nice bar. So, I silenced that voice telling me to go home to my family to sleep, and challenged it by following that deep, wild, voice. And I ended up in the bar at Haymarket and enjoyed a glass of nice wine, by myself, with myself ❤️

This night will keep me energized for several days! So, dear mothers (and probably a lot of fathers), don’t set your own needs aside for too long. I am quite sure that fulfilling your needs and desires, will benefit both you and your family (well, depending on what your desires are of course...😉).

What do you need? What are you longing for? Go get it! 😘 #feminineleadership #leadingfrompleasure #metime #pleasurepractice

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