• Sanna Rådelius

Hello capitalism,

Uppdaterat: 29 okt. 2020

I know who you are.

You know who I am.

And let’s be honest.

We are not very good friends you and I.

Have never been, will never be.

We’ve got a war going you and me.

A fight that’s been going since I graduated from university, in several rounds.

I got a good glimpse of you before and during uni.

And afterward, when I was supposed to get myself a job in your system, I just couldn’t bear myself to conform to your expectations.

Your values.

The culture you represent.

Your I’m-only-in-it-for-profit-attitude.


Because I don’t believe in it.

To be frank, I disgust it.

I can’t see any good in what you are creating.

Sure, you had your glory days and you’ve helped developing society and take a lot of people out of misery.

But I believe you’ve done your part now. We don’t need you anymore.

You’re values and your culture doesn’t do anyone any good any longer.

You just burn people out.

You burn our planet out.

Yes, you are burning up our future. Can’t you see it?

I could tell a long time ago.

That there is nothing sustainable about you.

I saw who you were and what I had to give up to be part of your system and structures.

So I decided to walk my own way.

Build my own structures. Live according to my own rules and beliefs.

But yes, it’s hard fighting you.


It’s tough and takes guts.

And you’ve laughed me in the face several times.

For my beliefs in humanity as the center for development.

For my beliefs in compassion, relationships, and love as the foundation for wellbeing.

For my belief that this goes for us as humans, as organizations, and as a society.

And it hurts that my vocation is something you don’t value.

It hurts to see that what I’m good at creating, something that humanity so desperately needs, don’t have an economic value in your system.

But it also sparks the creatrix in me.

The resistance.

The “what the fuck, I’m gonna show you”.

I’m not saying you don’t have a role to play in this world, this new paradigm we are moving into.

But hey, it’s time to retire and make some room for the new.

New values. New culture.

New perspectives on what work and life could be like.

A new, more sustainable world. Built by and for humanity.

In unity. Together with nature.

It’s time dude.

Your time has come.

Change is coming.

Take some responsibility and step down from your throne.

Let it come.

It’s time.

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