• Sanna Rådelius

Release and let go

Releasing and letting go.

It sounds so easy.

Like taking a breath

and letting it out with a simple sigh.

But oh no. Don't be fooled.

It's tough as f*ck.

It hurts, man!

Releasing and letting go.

Of a lifetime of conditioning.

A lifetime of others' expectations

and wishes

brought on to you

from before you were born.

Just to see the conditioning takes effort.

And guts.

What is really you?

And what of you is someone else's idea of you?

Someone else's desires?

Releasing and letting go.

It's so painful that we rather numb ourselves

and place our focus elsewhere.

On entertainment, drinks, drugs, children, work, partners, family.

It's easier to focus on others' needs

than go deep enough to find my own needs.

Because to meet the darkness that is blocking

my connection with my deep self,

is excruciatingly painful

for most.

But the only way is Through.

Releasing and letting go.

It demands of you to meet your pain.

Your sorrow.

Your grief.

Your anger.

Your shame.

And those parts of you,

that you have shut down yourself

in order to stay alive.

You had no choice as a small child.

But you have it now.

Releasing and letting go.

It doesn't end.

There seems always to be more to come.

You shed one layer just to find a new one.

But for each layer I release

I feel freer.



And the pain of releasing and letting go

is a price worth paying.

So worth it.

But scary.


A note to self.

Dear one, don't ever fool yourself that you are done.

To release and let go is not a step towards a goal.

It's an invitation to make the journey of life




And filled with Love to the top.

That's the invitation.

That is the gift

of releasing and letting go.


Let go.

And don't forget to breathe

and see the beauty of life

that surrounds you

every step of the way.

It is there,


and here.

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