• Sanna Rådelius

Stepping into the new

The new paradigm.

The one following this industrial paradigm

that we so firmly hold on to.

This mechanistic view of society and human beings.

Even though it is hurting us.

The old paradigm.

I hold so much love for you.

The wonders you've taken us through.

Making it possible for us to be where we are today.

It is thanks to you that we today have the technology

that could bring prosperity

to all sentient beings around the globe.

For the first time in history,

we have the possibility

to end poverty


make this a healthy and thriving planet

for human beings,


and future generations.

But it requires of us

to step into the new paradigm.

A paradigm where we come back to the essence

of what it means to be human.

Where we come back to the meaning of life.

Where we once again come into relation,

with ourselves, each other and the whole.

The industrial paradigm took us away from that.

It needed to,

to do its job.

Now when the job is done,

when it has accomplished its mission

to industrialize the world,

It is our responsibility

to bring back life to the equation.

To embrace all our earlier paradigms,

take the best from each one of them

and take the next step

as human beings.

When we are in so much power

as we humans are today

it demands of us

to be kind.

To ourselves, each other and the whole.

We hold power to change things.

We have all the possibilities today to step into something new.

That is good for all of us.

The new paradigm is not over there.

It is here.

It is in my hands

and yours.

It is a decision.

A decision to start acting from the heart

even when you are working in" the machine".

The more people we are

acting from the heart

The more likely it is

that the machine will get its own heart

and also start acting from that place.

Imagine what wonders

a societal machine with a heart can accomplish.

And I believe its heart is human.

Your heart is part of this big heart.

It matters what you do and where you act from.

Do you believe in the power of our human hearts?

Do you believe in the power of your own heart?

I do.

I can feel it.

And I will hold it.

Let's grow stronger together.

Strengthen our collective heartbeat.

That's all it takes to move into the new paradigm.

Does it scare you?

Don't worry.

I will go first.

And show that it is possible.

I've done so for quite some time already.

I am now fully stepping into the new paradigm.

You are welcome to join me.

You are longed for.

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