• Sanna Rådelius

The Gift

This is a gift to my younger self. A gift to that little girl who didn’t have words for her most feminine body part. Who was taught by society not to mention this unique part of her body by name. Who was taught that it was something shameful.

Not to be touched. Not to be seen. Not to be named.

Not to have a relationship with.

This is a gift to my teenage self. A gift to that growing woman, who was taught about looks and societal norms from a men-pleasing perspective. Who had to incorporate these expectations in order to climb the social ladder. This is a gift to that growing woman who mainly heard her lady parts being compared to something unpleasant, often with nasty nicknames. This is a gift to that growing woman, who believed that the value of her body, her appearance and herself, was for others to decide.

This is a gift to my present and future self. A gift for those times when norms, culture and language push me into diminishing roles and degrading thoughts of myself. For those times when I spend too much of my energy on others’ wellbeing and forget about myself and my own pleasure. For those times when I forget about the sacredness of my feminine body.

This is a gift to my daughter and son. A gift to my children so they get a healthy and divine relationship to their bodies, as well as others. A gift so that they can be the foundation for a truly equal society, by valuing and balancing the feminine as well as the masculine, within themselves and around them. This is a gift that will enrich their language, their lives and relationship to the world, through the words and symbolism I never had as a child.

Gates of Paradise.

Precious pearl.

Golden lotus.

Heavenly Gate.

Mysterious Valley.

Lotus of her Wisdom.

Jade garden.



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