• Sanna Rådelius

The Longing

The longing.

I can sense it, your longing to be seen. I can feel it, your desire to be your whole self. I can hear it, your inner voice calling.

Hear me. See me. Hold me. Love me.

You are unique, dear one. There is no one else in this world like you.

You are unique. And your uniqueness is needed. I need you, in your purest self.

But we live in a world of facades. We grow up believing we need to be someone else. Something else than our inner core, to fit in and be accepted. We get shaped into mainstream facades. Our unique qualities get buried underneath layers of societal norms. Your uniqueness gets conditioned away.

But dear one, it's not gone. I can hear it in you, calling softly. I can see it's light shining through the cracks in your facade. And you know what? It is beautiful.

Come out, dear one! I want to meet you! I want to play, and explore what creation might emerge when our uniquenesses meet and mingle.

Do you trust me? Here, take my hand. My heart is wide open, and there is nothing else there but love for your uniqueness. And for mine. Come out and play.

Please, come out. I need you. I, too, long for you to be you.


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