• Sanna Rådelius

The Silliness and The Birthright

Oh, dear Silliness.

Why are you blinding our eyes?

Why are you telling us stories that are not true?

Why do you tell us stories that make us unhappy?

Oh, dear Silliness.

You are very powerful.

You have nestled yourself into almost every head and boardroom.

You have the authority to name the truth.

Oh, dear Silliness.

I think you are searching for truth in the wrong place.

I think our brilliant mind has gotten you off-track.

I think we need to stop searching inside your head.

Oh, dear Silliness.

When you once in a while are reminded of the truth, then I see you shine.

When you once in a while are reminded of the truth, you can’t help but smile.

When you once in a while are reminded of the truth, you laugh at your own silliness.

Oh, dear Silliness.

You can’t fool me anymore.

You can’t lure me up into your head.

You can blindfold me no more.

Because dear Silliness,

I now know.

I have seen.

I remember.

Dearest Silliness.

Love is our Birthright.

Love is what life is all about.

Love is what every single human being longs for.

Dearest Silliness.

I believe every single living being has the Birthright to be loved, in all that they are.

I believe we need to fight for this.

I believe we need to remind ourselves of the silliness not to believe in this.

Dearest Silliness.

This is as true in the boardrooms as in the classrooms.

This is as true in the workspaces as in the nursery.

This is as true in the family as in the single-person household.

Dearest Silliness.

Don’t be afraid. It is just love.

Don’t be afraid. It won’t decrease your profit.

Don’t be afraid. It will not hurt you.

Dearest Silliness.

Let’s hold hands.

Let’s open our hearts together and remind each other about this truth.

Let’s go out and sweep people and planet off their feet!

Love won’t kill you. But a lack of it will.

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